UltraTite Slider

Ideal Window

An industry-leading performing horizontal sliding window offering premium enhancements along with an array of options to suit any style or home. A multitude of thermal and energy package upgrades make this window the perfect choice for any remodeling project.

Ideal Window

    UltraTite Slider Features:

    • All Ideal windows are made from PVC vinyl. Vinyl is a great insulator, weather resistant and virtually maintenance free.
    • Decorative heritage sash profiles look slimmer and provide a traditional “wood window” look.
    • Overlapping interlocking sashes provide maximum view.
    • Extruded aluminum half screen. Full screen optional.
    1. Vinyl fusion welded frame and sashes to provide precise tolerances
    2. Triple seal, dedicated head jamb features an anti-drift snubber, which “snaps” the top sash into place minimizing air infiltration
    3. Energy efficient 7/8” insulated glass provides year round comfort
    4. Left and right sashes feature a heavy duty, double-wall lift handle with decorative end caps
    5. Stylish cam locks provide security and stability – Double locks are standard on all double hung windows 26” and wider

UltraTite Slider Configurations:


Endless Options

High-quality options are available with the UltraTite and DuraWeld product lines. With more interior options and grid styles, your windows can easily match or coordinate your architectural design without compromising the budget.

Ideal Window


Ideal Window


Ideal Window

Sahara Brown | Linen

Grid Configuration

Available in: ColonialPrairieDiamond

Ideal Window


Ideal Window


Ideal Window


Grid Options

Flat and contour grids are placed between two panes of insulated glass, making cleaning a snap.

For that true classic look of “paned” window glass, our SDL option includes contour grids which are mounted on the exterior of the glass with a high bond adhesive system.
Available in:

Ideal Window

Flat Grid

Ideal Window


Obscure Glass

Ideal Window

Let light in while still maintaining privacy with obscure glass. Perfect for bathrooms or anywhere privacy is needed.